The KPIs of the Future

Welcome to the KPIs of the Future

The route to long-term success is undergoing dramatic changes. As the wider world demands sustainable business models, shareholders expect to continue receiving high returns. This is a great challenge, but also an even greater opportunity for those who are best placed to make the transition.

Consumer influence is increasingly decisive, society’s climate performance demands are growing ever greater, and attractiveness as an employer is becoming more and more important. Non-financial performance is thus extremely important to monitor, understand and act on.

The KPIs that have defined how we currently strive for profitability need to be supplemented with additional – and sometimes brand new – KPIs in order to ensure future competitiveness. What are your success factors, and how can we ensure and monitor that they help you achieve your objectives? Carry out our KPI survey, and we’ll help you to create profitability that is sustainable in the long term.

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Which KPIs will ensure your future success?

Together with the industry, we will now start inventorying the KPIs to guide you towards your future success. This survey is the beginning of a mapping process that will help you learn more about your business, and about the situation for other businesses. Welcome to the most important inventory you’ll ever make.

Other than purely financial KPIs – which are, of course, of central importance – which of the following KPIs do you currently measure? These are not things that you work with, but things that you measure.

Do you measure your carbon dioxide emissions?(Required)
Do you measure your energy consumption?(Required)
Do you measure your circularity (re-use, recycling)?(Required)
Do you measure your turnover from climate-smart products/services?(Required)
Do you measure your employee satisfaction?(Required)
Do you measure/carry out salary mapping?(Required)
Do you measure your sick leave/attendance?(Required)
Do you measure your staff turnover?(Required)
Do you measure your age distribution?(Required)
Do you measure your customer satisfaction?(Required)
Do you measure the management team’s diversity (age, ethnicity, gender, education, skills, experience)?(Required)
Do you measure the board’s diversity (age, ethnicity, gender, education, skills, experience)?(Required)
Do you measure supplier monitoring (business ethics, fair trade, human rights, the environment)?(Required)
Which five of these non-financial KPIs do you see as the most important for your future success?(Required)
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